Egg Painting!

Egg Painting Mama Pyjama

This is a project I have been 'trying' to get around to for about 2 years!  I kid you not, I've had this canvas and 144 egg shells sitting in my office waiting for me to get my act together for that long ;).  Well, this school holidays I finally did!

I'm not going to lie...this activity is time consuming and requires some real dedication.  But in my opinion, it's well worth the effort.

You'll need to start collecting empty egg shells - pronto.  Instead of cracking your egg open in the conventional way, you'll need to change your whole approach.  Using a knife, simply knock out a small hole in the top of the egg shell and pour your egg out that way.  Give the egg shell a rinse and then store them back in the egg carton.  Keep collecting until you have lots and lots of empty egg shells!

Egg Painting Mama Pyjama

Next, you'll need to fill each egg shell with some paint.  We used a paint and water mix.  It depends on whether you're intending to keep the end painting or to just do this as a bit of fun as to the quality and amount of paint you use.  We really could have used more paint to fill the eggs up more for a more exciting splash...but I used expensive paint so had to go easy.  The eggs were probably only about a 5th full with paint.  If you are just doing it for fun, use cheap paint and fill them about half way up.

Next, cover the egg holes with tissue paper.  I used a little glue around the edge of the hole to easily stick the paper down.  You don't need to be neat, you just want to effectively cover the hole!

Egg Painting Mama Pyjama

Now you're ready to paint!  You'll need a canvas of some sort, and I'd recommend using a drop sheet.  This gets really, really messy so do it somewhere that you don't mind messing up with paint! 

Then, go crazy!  Our eggshells needed some assistance to break, so we found we had to crack them slightly before throwing.  I think this was largely due to the fact that we have very little paint inside them.  As I said, use cheap paint and use lots of it.  I'm confident that would resolve the cracking issue!  We used 96 eggs in total, and our canvas was about 6 foot.  This is still a work in progress, and I'm thinking of adding some more to it (perhaps some texture and a little more paint), but for now it'll sit proudly on our lounge room wall, reminding us of a fun family afternoon. xo

Here's our little video, I hope you enjoy it! :)  Any questions, feel free to comment below and I'd be happy to help!

Posted on July 11, 2016 .