Spoil Yourself - with FREE doTERRA Essential Oils!

doTERRA Mama Pyjama Spoil Yourself

I absolutely LOVE doTERRA essential oils - and I want to share them with you!  My amazing team is doing a huge promotion from the 2nd-6th October 2017, and I'm looking people who are ready to be start making changes in their life in order to feel Balanced, Energised and Awakened!  

Join us for 5 days of education, inspiration and support.
You will receive a FREE introduction pack from me containing SEVEN samples of some of my favourite doTERRA essential oils! 

✔️ Peppermint
✔️ Lemon
✔️ Balance
✔️ Lavender
✔️ Ice Blue Rub
✔️ OnGuard
✔️ Easy Air
+ some bonus goodies up for grabs over the week

You will learn how to use your samples confidently through our five day education series via a private Facebook group with videos, graphics & testimonies.  We'll also provide tips, recommendations and techniques on how you can use these natural solutions for focus & concentration, stress, sleep, sore muscles, energy + more .

This AMAZING FREE offer is open to the first 25 applicants only!  So don't hesitate to jump on board by completing the form below to enable me to arrange delivery of your free sample pack in time for our online education series!

*To participate you must not already be working with a Wellness Advocate or have a doTERRA account. 

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Posted on September 9, 2017 .