Wild~Free~Sunshine~Me Competition

Wild Free Sunshine Me Competition Mama Pyjama

What makes you feel Wild and Free?  What is the Sunshine in your life?  What do you consider Me time? 

What do any or all of these words mean to you?


I’ve contacted a bunch of amazing Australian companies to bring together prizes that represent all of these words, and I’m giving you the chance to win them ALL!

To enter:  Photograph, video, draw, sculpt, build, paint, sing or simply tell me something that represents any or all of these words to you. 

It’s that simple!

There are no boundaries or limits on this competition. 

Get creative.  Get inspired.  Get connected with your inner passions and your hidden “me”! 


(Entry into this competition deems acceptance of these Terms and Conditions)

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Posted on April 29, 2015 .