Twinkling Firefly Frog

Firefly Frog Cloud B Mama Pyjama

We all know how soothing it can be to sit outside and listen to nature’s song – rain falling, crickets chirping, the occasional frog croaking.  But did you know that research shows that these sounds can actually induce physiological changes?  Nature sounds combined with music have been proven to lower the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and decrease anxiety; ultimately transitioning your body into a more healthy and relaxed state.

It’s also well known that if children are relaxed, they will fall to sleep faster and get a more restful sleep.  At our place we have tried to maintain a consistent bedtime routine since the boys were infants; bath – book – bottle – bed – beats (music played at 50-70 beats per minute).  This has proved really effective in calming our boys down, in addition to giving them a sense of security.

Cloud b has a product that would make a great addition to your bedtime routine.  It’s called the Twinkling Firefly Frog and is a cuddly soft toy that emits twinkling lights from its tummy and the soothing nature sounds of crickets, frogs and falling rain.

It has a 45 minute timer which means you can set it on as the final step in your bedtime routine, and leave it to automatically shut off once your children have fallen into a restful sleep.  The Firefly Frog also has a volume control and the option to play a lullaby melody or simply have the twinkling lights in lieu of the nature sounds. 

My boys were sent a Firefly Frog from Cloud b, so that we could get a hands on look at their beautiful products.  The boys thought the frog was “so cute” and loved how the sounds made them feel like they were “outside in nature”.  They loved his “squishy tummy” and “fairy lights”.  We set the frog to play the nature sounds and they both drifted off to sleep without a fuss. 

Posted on April 1, 2015 .