Twilight Carz

Twilight Carz Cloud b Mama Pyjama

Twilight Carz is a super cute, red race car that projects blue and red stars and lightning bolts onto the ceiling and walls.  It has headlights and tail lights that light up in addition to the stars, and has a number plate control to switch between modes.  Unlike the other Cloud b products I have reviewed to date, this one isn’t a plush toy.  Instead it has proper rolling wheels which means it can interchange as a night light and a play toy.

My kids are rough and tumble with their toys, so I’m always a little concerned about how durable our new toys are, but I’m happy to report that the Twilight Carz is surprisingly sturdy and solid.  You can literally STAND on it without it breaking (yes, we actually tried this)! The Twilight Carz was built to be unbreakable. I’m super confident it can withstand some very enthusiastic play, which is always a big tick for me, and not something I find I can say often with my two boys!

My little guys love cars, so this one was a big hit.  My three year old loves the addition of lightning bolts amongst the stars, and how he can switch the head lights on and off.  My five year old loves that its wheels move and he can "play" with it as well as have it light up his bedroom at night. It has taken pride of place on the mantelpiece in their bedroom, and I’ve got to say I think it’s a super cool addition to their bedroom from a décor perspective! 

If your kids love cars, they’ll love the Twilight Carz.  It would look great in a car themed bedroom if your kids are lucky enough to have one, but would make a fun pop of colour and light in any room.  You can purchase a Twilight Carz online at Cloud b or from your local Toys ‘R Us.    

The Twilight Carz is another awesome star projection toy for kids (young and old)!  Scroll down to my review of the Twilight Turtle to read all about the benefits of star gazing and the fun of bringing this activity into your children’s bedroom with Cloud b products. 

Posted on May 6, 2015 .