Stonemen Undies - All Funk No Frills!

When it comes to undies - I'm your 'basics' kinda girl.  Sure, I love the idea of matching bras and knickers and I feel all kinds of sexy when I'm wearing one of the two matching sets that I have in my undie drawer!  BUT, when push comes to shove I've always chosen comfort and practicality over style. 

Not anymore guys - NOT ANYMORE!! 

Check out the Stonemen collection!  It's a modern merge of comfort and style with an artistic twist!  Each pair is printed with a 360 degree image designed by artists and photographers, and then handcut and made to fit you perfectly.

Stonemen create unique underwear for both men and women in a range of modern cuts and designs.  Men can find boxer brief, brief and trunk styles and women, cheeky brief and brief styles as well as bralettes.  The awesome crew at Stonemen sent me each of their women's styles so that I could try them for myself, and I have to say - I'm in love! 

Stonemen Mama Pyjama

I've always been a bit of a tomboy at heart.  My first bike was a stunt BMX, my favourite past time was climbing trees, and now as an adult I certainly love getting out with the boys and having a kick of the footy.  BUT, I also love dressing up; I love my frocks, I'm a self-confessed selfie addict, and I love to feel like I have a little cheeky sex appeal!  So, as you can see - Stonemen and I are like a match made in heaven.  Hip, cool, funky and fresh - no frills, but plenty of thrills!  Replacing lace and diamantes with artistic flair, these undies and I are the perfect pair. ;)  See what happens when you're inspired by a product?  You start writing poetry without even realising it!

On a serious note, they fit great and they are comfortable as all get out (no digging in in unsightly places).  The sizes are generous - my ones are an 8-10 and they fit very well (I'm usually a size 10, and a 10B bra).  The bralette is super comfy and looks cute, but if you're looking for a pushup, it's not your girl. It's more your t-shirt bra kind of style.  The cheeky briefs are aptly named, and the briefs are what I'd call a 'boy-leg'.  All in all, the range is super funky and it's comfortable and supportive at the same time.  You won't be ripping this bralette off the moment you get home - in fact, I reckon you might even forget you are wearing it!

Check out the full range of men's and women's Stonemen underwear (you'll love all the artistic designs they have available), and if you'd like to be in the running to win yourself your very own underwear set head over to the WIN STUFF page now!



Posted on August 2, 2016 .