Stargazing with Twilight Turtle

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Mama Pyjama

What better way to bond with your child than through stargazing? 

The benefits of stargazing for children are many: from calming and quietening the mind; to sparking interest in astronomy and mythology; to providing a basic introduction to mathematics through spotting shapes, tracing patterns and counting stars. 

Stargazing is a fantastic and free experience that we can offer our kids that is both educational and spiritual, as well as an opportunity to get them off the couch and out into nature.

With younger children though, the logistics of staying up late enough and organising to see the stars can sometimes be a little bit tricky.  Cloud b have come up with some absolutely beautiful products that bring stargazing into the comfort of your child’s bedroom at whatever time their bedtime happens to be.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be reviewing a range of Cloud b products and sharing my thoughts with you.  This week we got to try their Twilight Turtle; a cuddly soft toy turtle with a hard shell, that projects eight actual star constellations in three soothing colour options: blue, green and amber.

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Mama Pyjama

The Twilight Turtle comes with a little booklet that explains each of the eight constellations.  We had a great time exploring them before bed.  Conversations around the mythology of the constellations were sparked, as were debates about whether shapes looked like the names they were called.  I’ve also had an opportunity for learning, leaving the bedroom to google Greek and Roman Mythology in preparation for tomorrow night’s continuing stargazing session! 

The turtles come in a range of different colours – my boys particularly liked the bright blue one.  It also has a 45 minute timer so that the stars automatically shut off, providing the darkness children require for a rested night sleep.

I think it’s a beautiful gift, and one that doesn’t need to be reserved for super young children.  My boys are 3 and 5 and both enjoyed the turtle for different reasons.  My 3 year old loved the lights all over his ceiling as he can be a little fearful of the dark, whilst my 5 year old engaged in the learning aspects and I know we’ll get some good maths practice in there with star counting and shape tracing in coming nights. 

The next Cloud b product we’ll be looking at is the Firefly Frog.  Stay tuned to hear all about it.  In the meantime, Cloud b is just setting up shop in Australia.  Pop over to their Facebook page to follow their journey or over to their website to view the entire product range. 

Posted on March 25, 2015 .