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Scentcillo Mama Pyjama

As you know, I'm currently studying vibrational medicine and believe very strongly in the use of colour, sound and scent to balance the body's energy system and achieve optimal levels of both mental and physical health.  I've been using essential oils for what feels like forever - to heal, energise and raise the vibration levels of myself and my family.  My oil burner is on 24/7 and I've certainly been known to pop a couple of drops of Frankincense into the burner when the energy levels in the house are low!

So when I was offered the chance to try Scentcillo's essential oil blends I admit to being more than a little excited!  Scentcillo introduced me to the concept of "Scent Styling" - matching fragrances to the mood or ambience of the space you are scenting.  I love this concept, and have tried out all five of their blends in my home over the last few weeks:

Scentcillo Mama Pyjama
  • Tango - Romantic and Sensual
  • Starlet - Feminine and Enticing
  • Greek Island - Timeless and Tranquil
  • Oracle - Mystical and Meditative
  • Shaman - Uplifting and Dynamic

You can find out all the details of each oil over on the Scentcillo webpage, including the types of rooms/spaces that each blend works best in on their Scent Styling page. 

I used the essential blends without doing any prior reading so that I could see how well I could match the blends to the living space that we have created in our home.  (I'm weird like that, I get a little kick out of testing myself. It's an 'achiever' thing) ;).  I smiled to myself when I read the type of space that Oracle works best in, as I was confident that it was the blend that best complimented our home. 

Scentcillo Mama Pyjama

"Oracle:  A warming, enveloping blend for cold, crisp weather or to make large areas appear smaller and cozy.  Complements a space with a global eclectic or modern bohemian look."  Yep, that's pretty much our living space in a nutshell!

Scentcillo Mama Pyjama

The blend that really resonates with me on a mental/emotion level is Shaman - "For an uplifting, welcoming atmosphere the sharp citrus and sweet wood notes makes your place brighter and energetic. Assists in getting settled and focused when working or studying."   I don't think I could have picked a better essential oil blend for myself at this particular point in time!  Suffice to say, I've been popping a half dozen drops in the oil burner each morning to kick start my day!

I confess to being in love with the Scentcillo range and urge you to check it out for yourself.  I am also super excited that I get the chance to share their entire oil blend range (worth $105) with one lucky MPJ reader!  Just head on over to the Win Stuff page to enter.

Happy scenting!


Posted on July 9, 2016 .