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Quirky Happy

Meet Lisa Frances Judd: artist, mother, wife, and Director of Quirky Happy.  Lisa's world was turned completely upside down in 2011 when her only Son was diagnosed with Brain Cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme stage 4). The only thing that kept her remotely together was to paint her pain away with colour and joy.  Lisa's story is living proof that our internal light can survive even our darkest moments. 

Lisa now shares her beautiful art with all the world...and her mission?  Well that's two-fold.  To raise money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation; and to support a positive mental and emotional state in today’s negative, chaotic and changeable world through the use bright colours and positive words on unique art products that can be worn and enjoyed in everyday life. 

Based in the beautiful Blue Mountains, west of Sydney Australia, the Quirky Happy range includes handmade ‘Wearable Art’ wood set Pendant Necklaces, Plush Velvet Cushion Covers, beautiful Wall Art, gorgeous Drink Coasters and unique Greeting Cards.

Lisa very kindly sent me a selection of her amazing collection...I'm pretty sure she's a soul sister! Our love of colour and our passion and belief of its healing properties resulted in an instant soul connection.

The Quirky Happy products are truly even lovelier in real life.  Sometimes beauty can be really difficult to capture on 2D film!  Their cushions are ridiculously plush and have that awesome comforting feel of soft velvet.  You'll want to cuddle them for hours.  Side note, is it just me or do you do that thing too where you sit on the couch and automatically grab a cushion to pop on your lap (particularly if you're in someone else's house)?  It's a self-conscious thing I'm sure, like covering up your tummy rolls or something? Anyway, this is the cushion you want to do that with - because it looks awesome and it just feels really damn nice under your hands! 

Lisa sent me one of their super funky Kombi Cushions.  Right up my alley huh!

Lisa also hooked me up with the most awesome of awesome Kombi Drink Coasters from her metal drink coaster range that feature a variety of her hand painted designs.  Not only do they match my cushion, but they've also provided the perfect best pal for my absolute favourite mug!  Check it out - don't they just look so darn happy together?!

And last...but certainly not least, I am now the very happy owner of an incredibly unique 'Wearable Art' Pendant necklace handmade by Lisa.  I was very pleasantly surprised when this one arrived in the mail.  It is bigger than I expected, and is also set under a crystal clear glass dome which I hadn't realised from the photos online.  It is beautiful.  My design is super fun, and I think really reflects my personality.  It has a beautiful little reminder, "Remember to..." which I just love.  You know how I feel about the power of positive words and phrases right!?  Here it is:

I'm absolutely touched and inspired by both Lisa's story, and her art.  It never ceases to amaze me what the power of hope, positivity and passion can create.  Lisa, you're amazing.  Your products resonate with beauty and love, and it is clear that you put a little piece of your heart into each and every piece.  I have no doubt that your art is changing lives on a daily basis and I thank you for letting me share your journey.

Quirky Happy raises money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. It's obviously very personal. They donate 10% of every sale of their Angel Heart Wearable Art Pendants & Angel Heart Plush Cushion Covers to help this cause. Too many children and young adults die from brain cancer each year and the suffering is immense.

 To find out more about Australia's Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, click HERE.

You can check out the entire Quirky Happy range here, and find them on Facebook.  They also offer free postage Australia wide for anyone who simply Subscribes to their quarterly Newsletter.  You'll find the perfect gift for Christmas here.

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Posted on December 2, 2015 .