Pitchi - A New Way to Buy and Sell!

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Have you guys heard about Pitchi? 

Pitchi.com is a really cool, innovative online selling platform, where buyers can preview videos (in lieu of photo or text ads) of products and services for sale.  What sets Pitchi apart from other selling platforms is the personal connection between buyers and sellers, and ability to explore the story behind the product or service.

Some of the videos showcase beautiful products with a story behind them, like this one for amazing handmade recycled rugs that I would love to have in my house!  Colourful, environmentally friendly and unique.  Right up my alley!

Some launch the innovative ideas of people just like us!  Like this one, introducing the One Two Tree Christmas Tree:

Others showcase unique, on-trend products like this one featuring the Wine Barrel Herb Garden....just quietly, I want one:

The ability to see what you are buying in action and get a real sense of who and where it is coming from is an awesome concept and a real bonus for both buyers and sellers.  It’s certainly allows for some creativity from the sellers point of view, and some entertainment for the buyers too!

I know a lot of my readers have their own businesses, and I think this is a great avenue to explore.  Personal connection is so important in business and Pitchi looks like a great platform for connecting with new buyers.  As you all know, I’m also really big on the dream chasers – so if you’ve got an idea, why not try launching it here?  It’s an opportunity to pitch your wares to a mass audience at no cost.  You can’t get much better than that!

Check Pitchi out online and get the app on your smartphone at the App Store or Google Play.

Posted on December 8, 2014 .