Mother's Choice Turns 40!

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Post produced in partnership with Mother's Choice

It’s always a challenge to find baby products that we can trust. With the wide array of baby brands out there, picking what works best can be really hard. It’s so important to choose your baby brand carefully as they will be there with you as your child grows.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing for your little one. The safety and security features of a product are the top priorities for mums like us! Our baby’s comfort and the practicality of the gear come next. We also consider the price tag when it comes to shopping for our kids; nobody wants to spend than they have to right?

There are brands out there who, for quite some time, have won our trust – and for good reason too! Standing the test of time is usually a good sign of reliability and endurance, and as mums we rely on these brands for our baby’s every need growing up.

Just recently a trusted Australian baby brand,

Mother’s Choice, reached its 40th anniversary of making quality baby products. They have generously shared with me a discount code for 20% off on all products on their site to commemorate this special occasion, and I’m excited to be able to share this with my Mama Pyjama readers too!

To celebrate this milestone, Mother’s Choice has also revamped their site to make it more parent friendly, adding a market place where you can order their stuff online.

This feature will take loads off the hassle too!

This way, parents can make informed decisions without having the added distraction of making sure the kids don’t pull everything of the store shelves! 

With Mother’s Choice online market place, shopping for your children is as easy as clicking a button. Save yourself time, headaches and money (especially with the discount code!).

Personally, I have been using Mother’s Choice for my kids’ car seats for years. They also carry a wide array of products like strollers and nursery furniture. Browse through their site and use the discount code.

Happy shopping!

Use the code  40th_20%_Discount  for 20% off the total purchase.

It's valid until the end of August 2014.

Posted on August 1, 2014 .