HappyCalc by FunComet - Making Maths Fun!

HappyCalc Mama Pyjama

The boys were recently sent a HappyCalc Elementary Maths Puzzle by FunComet, and they were pretty excited to try it out!

HappyCalc is an innovative puzzle game that taps into the creative imagination of our little ones, whilst exercising their spatial and mathematical skills.

Unlike regular puzzles, you are not limited to a single design.  This Space Themed puzzle set contains 138 pieces that combine to create a multitude of rocket ships and space stations.

The puzzle is also very clever...it makes maths fun. Imagine that! :)  Puzzle pieces can be combined to create space centres using mathematical equations.  As you can see here, the numbers on the left combine (or add up) to make the number on the right.

HappyCalc Mama Pyjama
HappyCalc Mama Pyjama

My boys are in kindy and year one, and both were actively engaged in the puzzle play.  This is what makes it such a clever product.  The game can be adapted to suit your child as they grow and progress through their learning phases.

Both boys were very content simply designing space stations and rocket ships, and spent a significant amount of time (without arguing at all!) firmly concentrating on this task.  It was really enjoyable to watch their creative process. 

HappyCalc Mama Pyjama

My eldest then moved to making the maths based layouts and was so engrossed that I literally had to pry him away from it at dinner time.  My little guy moved from making spaceships to using the puzzle pieces to count from one to ten.  He did this completely unassisted and unprompted.  I simply turned to see he'd laid them all out in a line with pieces joined from one to ten.  I was pretty impressed.  This is a great example of how learning through play is so effective and so important. 

I think the HappyCalc puzzle would be a great addition to any classroom or family games room and recommend that you all check it out.  You can read more about it and purchase it here.

I've also, as usual, got one to give away to a lucky reader! Just head over to the WIN STUFF page to enter.


Posted on August 31, 2016 .