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Mama Pyjama Dreambaby

When Dreambaby® offered to send me some products to review, I pictured safety locks and door knob covers and thought my kids were too old for me to effectively review their products.  Turns out I was wrong!  Dreambaby® offer many, many more products in their range that suit the needs of infants through to little children just like my four and six year olds!  Their range includes safety gates; room decor; lighting; on the go, health and hygiene, and home safety products.

We've had a great time trying out some products from both their home safety and lighting ranges.

The boys number one favourite is the Peli's Bathtub Play Pouch.  It hooks easily over the edge of the bath, and has a big, fun pelican bill that opens up wide for the kids to fill its netting pouch with toys.  It's a great way to encourage the kids to tidy up at the end of their bath time play!  It is a little on the large size, but it can be faced either way so you can turn the beak outside of the bath until you are ready to pack up if space is an issue.

We also received Dreambaby®'s Anti-Slip Bath Mat.  It has suction cups on the bottom which hold it in place remarkably well and whilst we've outgrown the need for it, the mat also has a heat sensitive colour changing starfish to let you know when the water temperature is too hot for your little one.  The mat is super colourful and fun, and the boys report that it's comfy to sit on too.  They are forever standing up in the bath and doing mad tricks that send me grey, so this anti-slip surface is a welcome addition for me too!

Also for bathtime - the Bath Tub Spout Cover.  This cover slides easily over the tap and is designed to prevent both bumps and burns.  Whilst I've always been vigilant with ensuring I run cold water through the tap before shutting it off, I have had my fair share of bumped heads and backs on the faucet!  This is a great idea to add a little cushioning in case of over zealous bathtub play.

Dreambaby Mama Pyjama

Lastly we received the Lady Bug Night Light.  Like most kids, my boys don't particularly like the dark.  Add to this the fact that we've moved house and our bedroom, once directly opposite theirs, is now a small trek away.  We've been sleeping with the hallway light on as our youngest makes his way to our room pretty much every night.  I'm happy to report that we've set up the little Lady Bug in the hallway so that he can switch it on (just by a simple touch to its back) so that he can make his way to our bedroom in the soft light.  It remains on for 30 mins and then automatically shuts off.  I'm a terrible sleeper at the best of times, so being able to actually turn the hallway light off at night has been wonderful.  Small things!!

We've had a great time checking out the Dreambaby® range and would like to share ALL of these products IN ADDITION TO a brand new Dreambaby® Liberty Tall Security Gate valued at $94.95.

We had safety gates all over the place when our boys were young, particularly with my eldest who was a born escape artist!  This gate is taller than average, which gets big ticks if you've got a climber, and has the following features:

  • Gate stays open in both directions;
  • Conveniently swings and adjusts for quick and easy pass-through with a simple one-handed operation;
  • Gates are pressure-mounted, which means fuss free installation with no screws or drilling required - perfect for temporary or rental properties;
  • Fits openings from 75-84 cm (30-32.25 in) ;
  • Gate height 93cm (36.5”);
  • Extends up to 2.84 m(111 in) with optional gate extensions with optional gate extensions: 9cm (3.5”), 18cm (7.0”) & 27cm (10.5”) 36cm (14”), 45cm (17.5”), 54cm (21”), 63cm (24.5”), 100 (39”);
  • Suitable for doorways, hallways and other openings

If you'd like to win this prize pack, valued at almost $200, head over to the WIN STUFF page!

Posted on November 29, 2015 .