Dinner Twist - Your Dinner Decision Made EASY!

Dinner Twist Mama Pyjama Review

A couple of weeks ago I asked you all about the dinner dilemma…you know, trying to think of what to cook, how to get to the shop, and how to find the energy and desire to actually make it?  It has to be one of my top 5 daily struggles, so I wasn’t surprised to be inundated with responses from others who share my pain!

Well…I’ve some good news.  There is help out there, and it goes by the name of Dinner Twist.  (Personally, I think they should consider a name change to Dinner Saviours – because that is what they are).  Not only do they take the headache out of the dinner decision every night by doing the thinking for you, but they also do the planning and the shopping! 

Dinner Twist Mama Pyjama Review

Dinner Twist offers a range of services, including meal boxes for 2 or 4 people and seasonal fruit box options.  Over two weeks I tried both the “Foodie Box” and the “Family Box” for 4 people, as well as their seasonal fruit box.  Honest truth - there wasn’t a single meal that I, my husband and my 2.5 and 4.5 year old didn’t thoroughly enjoy. 

I’m always a little weary of having others select your produce for you (so much so that I’m yet to order meat and fruit/veg through online shopping)…so I have to make a real point of how impressed I was with the quality of produce provided by Dinner Twist.  My husband, who is very particular about his meat (being the massive meat fan that he is!) commented more than once on the quality of the meat (lamb, beef, fish and chicken), and I was equally impressed with the fruit and vegetables.  We just don’t see produce of that quality (unfortunately) in our local shops. 

The recipes themselves are easy to follow and take between 30-40 minutes on average from benchtop to dinner table.  We generally tend to end up with steak and vegies or salad most nights, purely and simply because it just seems too hard to come up with something new and interesting after a full day at the office.  Consequently, the new and wonderful flavours Dinner Twist offers were welcomed with open arms (or should I say mouths?) by everyone in the family.  My favourite dish was the pan-fried snapper with red onion relish and baked fennel & potato, which is interesting as I’m not usually much of a fish person!  But it was a wonderful balance of sweet and sour, as well as being a real treat having fresh fish at our fingertips. 

Dinner Twist Mama Pyjama Review

My kids, like most kids I think, are hit and miss when it comes to eating their dinner.  But I can hand on my heart tell you that they ate all the dishes, with the exception of the lamb curry (which I think had more to do with the presentation than the actual flavour)!  The Foodie Box definitely packs more of a flavour punch than the milder Family Box, but as I said, my kids were receptive to both menus.  In terms of size of the meals, we are big eaters.  My husband is Italian and so great food and lots of it is core to his upbringing, and my Mum was accused of cooking enough food to feed a small village on more than one occasion throughout my childhood, so we like our plates stacked.  Generally speaking, there weren’t any leftovers, but we certainly didn’t go hungry.  I think the boxes for 4 people would very comfortably feed two adults and two children across the board.  One night my mum was over for dinner and we managed to feed three adults and two kids on the lemon & thyme marinated lamb steaks with ratatouille, so that should give you a general sense for the meal sizes.

Lastly, cost.  $129 gets you 4 meals for 4 people delivered to your door.  I went to the shop the other day, spent $150 and came out with 3 shopping bags and only enough food for a couple of meals.  I think you’d be hard pressed to get the quality of food, flavour and meal options offered by Dinner Twist for that price in your local supermarket.  The other great thing is that you’re not wasting a heap of food. 

So often we throw out leftovers and half used vegies.  Dinner Twist provides you with only the produce you need to make your meals. 

What I really liked is that the where one recipe calls for half a cucumber, the next recipe in the book will use the other half.  I love that they’ve done that thinking for you, and that you know you’re not throwing both money and food (that could be feeding someone else) in the bin, because you only needed a portion of it for your meal.

Dinner Twist Mama Pyjama Review

So that’s a wrap.  I highly recommend giving Dinner Twist a go if you haven’t already, and I would love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks Dinner Twist for taking the headache out of dinner time for busy parents like me! :)

Posted on July 23, 2014 .