Clear Snotty Noses from Every Angle!

Has the Spring season brought with it a bunch of snotty little noses?  I was recently contacted by the makers of Flo Baby or Kids Nasal Spray to try out their products, and I've got to say I'm impressed.  I remember very clearly trying to suction snot out of tiny infant nostrils with one of those crazy little bulb contraptions!  Wrestling with with their wiggly baby bodies, trying to get them into an upright position; all the while trying to carefully insert the nasal spray into their nostril without impaling them!  Oh yeah, fun times ;)

Hence why I was super impressed by the Flo Baby and Kids Nasal Sprays.  They are a sterile, preservative free, non-sting, non-medicated nasal saline spray that helps clear little blocked noses in the gentlest way possible.  The great thing about the Flo spray bottle is that it can be administered from any angle.  In fact, you can even spray this bottle completely upside-down.  Genius!  There's no need for the suction bulb either, just spray and then wipe away the mucous with a tissue.  Too easy!

We’ve had Flo products in our house since even before the kids were born.  My husband suffers a lot of sinus infections, and relies heavy of Flo Sinus Care to stay on top of them.  Now we can start using the no-fuss Flo Kids Nasal Spray bottles on the kids too.  The thumb drive pump is super easy to use, and our ever independent 6 year old was able to administer his own dosage (under our supervision), allowing him to take charge of his treatment which makes everything a whole lot easier.  In fact, I even had to limit him to the recommended dosage because he thought it was so much fun!

Flo Kids Mama Pyjama

Check them out - you'll be glad you did!  And if you'd like a chance to try them for free, head over to the WIN STUFF page :)

Flo products are available from pharmacies all throughout Australia.  Always ask the Pharmacist for the product that is right for your child.

Posted on November 10, 2015 .