Cloud b's Twilight Buddies

Twilight Buddies Review Mama Pyjama

This week we reviewed our final Cloud b product range – Twilight Buddies.  This adorable range of animal toys includes a pig, hippo, sheep, fox, giraffe, pegasus, unicorn, palomino, bunny, and alligator. 

They are super cuddly and each project three constellations and the moon, in three colour options.

My little guy loves his Alligator, particularly as a sleepover buddy when he stays the night with his grandparents.  It’s a little touch of home, and a reassuring night-light which makes it a perfect little security buddy for your toddler.

Twilight Buddies - Cloud B Mama Pyjama Review

Cloud b were kind enough to offer us two buddies to road-test, the Alligator and the Hippo.  As you know we’ve been lucky enough to test out a great range of their beautiful products over the last few months (what fun we've had!)– so we’d love to share our Hippo Twilight Buddies with one lucky MPJ liker! :)

If you’d like that to be you, simply pop over to our Facebook page and comment on the pinned post for your chance to win!

Posted on June 24, 2015 .