Adventure Snacks - Organic, Healthy Snacks that are TASTY too!

Wow, just WOW.  Have you tried Adventure Snacks?  Well you should!  I had the pleasure of meeting WA Mum, Tracey, this week.  Creator of Adventure Snacks - "healthy, organic, make-at-home and ready-to-eat snacks for people who care about what they eat".  They certainly lived up to expectations!

How often do the words "I want a snack" come out of the mouths of your little ones?  If you're anything like me, the thought process that follows is usually, "Again?  Seriously, again?? Didn't I just feed him 5 minutes ago?  What can I give him that's quick and easy but not full of sugar?"  Then there's five minutes of searching the pantry to the undertones of, "But I'm hungry nooooowwwww", only to come up with some dodgy looking shelf-stable cheese dip, a muesli bar and a half blackened banana.

Tracey knows what that's like too!  Since becoming a mum, she's been on a quest to find healthy, easy-grab snacks for he son that aren't full of refined sugar and preservatives.  When this search turned up little, Adventure Snacks was born.  How cool is Tracey?!  She couldn't find what she wanted on the market, so she created it herself and shared it with the world.  I love this woman!

We tried three of Adventure Snacks' make-at-home mixes: Cranberry, Fig and Seed Balls; Sultana, Oat and Carrot Cookies; and Choc-Beet Muffins.

I made all three batches in half an hour from start to finish.  Seriously, how easy is that?  Each pack contains all your ingredients you need, with the exception of water, egg, butter and for the Cranberry, Fig and Seed Balls coconut oil.

Adventure Snacks Mama Pyjama

Each recipe was simply a case of mixing all the ingredients together and then rolling into balls for the Cookies and Seed Balls, and pouring into a muffin try for the Choc-Beet Muffins.

We taste-tested all three of them (how could we not?) and then I wrapped and froze the rest of them for lunchbox snacks, despite protests from the little people.  Now the early morning lunchbox headache is sorted for a couple of weeks, and I won't lie, I'm feeling all pumped up on the knowledge that my kid's going to have the "my-mother-really-cares-about-me" lunchbox this week. ;)

My youngest and I agreed that the cookie was the best, but my eldest was stoked with the seed balls.  His exact words, "Good one mum, these ones are sooooo tasty.  I just wanna eat the whole tray *giggle giggle*". 

Looks like Adventure Snacks is a winner in our house - I'll definitely be ordering more!

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Posted on October 29, 2015 .