You Plate It - Delicious Dinners No Decisions!

You Plate It Mama Pyjama

You know what one of my top five stressors is?  THE DINNER DECISION (...not to mention, shopping for the food, measuring and prepping all the ingredients, finding the time to cook it, and then convincing your kids that it does actually taste delicious and it is necessary for them to eat it)!

Feel my pain?  Well, I have the perfect solution for you!  Let me introduce you to my new best friends, You Plate It.  These awesome folk deliver incredible recipes and fresh local produce direct to your doorstep!

They promise fresh produce and they certainly deliver on their word.  In the box I received, the apple was crisp, the capsicum firm and glossy, and the onion hard.  It might sound like I'm making a big deal out of not much, but honestly I don't remember the last time I picked up an onion at the big, local supermarket that wasn't slightly soft, or a capsicum that didn't start to shrivel a day after I put it in my fridge at home.

Another great thing about You Plate It is that they portion everything up and only deliver exactly what you need for your recipes.  This made me smile on the inside - a lot.  I'm not proud of it, but we waste a fair bit of food.  I think the reason for that has a lot to do with not being about to by just the 100 grams you need from the big supermarket chains.  We used every ingredient delivered to us in the box, and left nothing behind. 

The other bonus of this approach is that everything is already measured up for you.  Our staples are meat and vegies, spaghetti bolognaise, and chicken and salad.  Because...they're quick and they're easy!  We just don't have the time to measure and prep a dozen ingredients in order to deliver fancy meals daily.  You Plate It removes this component (doing all the portioning for you), freeing up space and patience to cook their easy to follow recipes. 

Our box included three delicious recipes: Pea and Basil Pesto Pasta with Pine Nuts, Panko Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel, and Spanish Style Chicken Casserole.

You Plate It Mama Pyjama
You Plate It Mama Pyjama
You Plate It Mama Pyjama

Our favourite was the Spanish Style Chicken Casserole.  The kids got a real kick out of my plating of the cous cous, and both commented on how tasty the flavours were.  They even asked me to cook it again the next night!  I consider that a huge win. 

You Plate It Mama Pyjama

I highly recommend You Plate It, and I implore you to try it for yourself.  You can get a similar box to the one we received which will feed 2 adults and 2-3 kids, 3 meals, for $120.  I reckon that's great value.  In fact I'd probably pay that just to have someone do the shopping for me and take away the stress of deciding what to cook each night.... I almost consider the food a bonus!  You can check out all the meal box options over at the You Plate It website.

As usual, you all have a chance to WIN yourself a You Plate It - Family Box worth $120!  How awesome is that?!  Pop on over to the Win Stuff page to enter!



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Just Bedding - Quality Brands At Amazing Prices!

Just Bedding is an Australian retailer of a huge range of bedding products and bedroom accessories; at a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay for brands such as Sheridan, KAS, Logan & Mason and many, many more!  If you've been wanting to spice up your bedroom, or just give it a general fresh makeover - this is where you want to start!

Just Bedding kindly sent me this amazing quilt cover and cushion which at the moment you can get for almost 40% OFF the regular price.  It's called the Mandalay Aqua Quilt Cover Set by LTD. if you'd like to order yourself one today!

just bedding Mama Pyjama

They offer free shipping on all orders over $99 or flat rate shipping of just $10; and at the moment they are running a Mid Year Sale offering up to 70% off!

My order was delivered quickly, and it was exactly as pictured so I was super pleased with the service.  They sell quilt covers, throw rugs, doonas and cushions - and the choice is seemingly endless. 

So if you are looking to makeover your bedroom with quality products, but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg - Just Bedding is where your makeover journey needs to begin!



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Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale - Your Perfect Weight Loss Companion!

Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale Mama Pyjama

I don't know about you, but I think that I consumed my entire body weight in Easter Feast Food and Chocolate Eggs this long weekend!  Now I have Easter Indulgence Remorse...big time.  This is the perfect time to kickstart that health and fitness goal I've been putting off for quite some time.  Luckily for me, I have the perfect weight loss companion to get me started!

Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale Mama Pyjama

Let me introduce you to the Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale!  This comprehensive and easy-to- use set of scales works with your smartphone/tablet to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  How, you ask?  Well let me give you the rundown.

As far as scales go, this one is pretty good looking ;)  A sleek design, 31.5cm square design with a specky blue light border that lights up when you step on it.  But it is so much more than just its good looks!  This scale measures not only you body mass, but also your:

  • Body Fat Percentage - Percentage of fat your body contains compared to your lean body mass.
  • Body Water - Total amount of fluid in the body expressed as a percentage.
  • Bone Mass - The amount of bone mineral in bone tissue as a percentage.
  • Muscle Mass - Total weight percentage of muscle in your body.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - Provides a general indication of one’s health factoring in both the height and weight of an individual.

It comes with a user guide that contains a table with ideal percentages etc for you gender and age so that you have a reference point for your fitness goals.  The scale even has a "Carpet Feet" option for accurate reading on carpet, and can weigh up to 182kg (displaying weight in 0.05kg increments)!

Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale Mama Pyjama

So that's the specs - impressive hey!  I personally love the fact that it can give you an idea of fluid retention as I know how much that can fluctuate for me.  It can be quite disheartening when you a relying solely on your body mass measurement when working towards a fitness goal.  This way you can monitor changes in muscle mass, body fat and water so you get a much more accurate sense of how you are tracking.

Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale Mama Pyjama

And speaking of tracking...did I mention that the Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale also has an app that you can download to your smartphone or tablet to sync up to your scale and track your fitness journey?

The Weight Watchers Scales by Conair TM app is free and all you need to do is download it from your apps store.  You can then connect the scale via Bluetooth to begin your journey towards an improved wellbeing! Yes, it’s that easy!

The app delivers a fun and interactive platform to keep track of your measurements and health accomplishments, keeping you motivated towards your health and fitness goals. It:

  • Provides in-depth and easy-to- understand graphs and charts to further your understanding of your body.
  • Allows you to wirelessly sync the data from the Scales via Bluetooth to your smartphone/tablet to record your progression.
  • Syncs your weight to the Weight Watchers® app if you’re a member; no more need for manual entries
  • Syncs your measurements to Apple® Health or Google Fit® and allows all your favourite apps like MapMyFitness, Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal access your data.

The Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale is the perfect weight loss companion and I know you'll love it as much as me.  Which is why I've convinced the amazing folk at Weight Watchers to give one of my lucky users the chance to WIN one!  To enter, pop over to the WIN STUFF page!

The Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale can be purchased for RRP $129.95 (comes with a 10 year warranty) from Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and Myer.


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MyLight - The Coolest Nightlights On The Planet!

MyLight Mama Pyjama

Some of you may recall that I have worked with MyLight in the past.  At the time they kindly created personalised nightlights for my two boys.  I was able to surprise them with MyLights as Christmas gifts two years ago and let me tell you, they loved them! 

I am super excited to announce that I have been given the opportunity to work with Greg and Vanessa from MyLight again, and this time I have TWO amazingly generous prizes to give away to my readers!  Whoop whoop!

In case you haven't heard of them, MyLight is Greg and Vanessa Vowles' family-owned and run small business.  Greg and Vanessa were inspired to create their own nightlight after the birth of their first child, when they discovered a lack of attractive, quality-made lights on the market that also provided enough light to be functional during nightly feeding and changing times.

The end result?  A beautiful range of handcrafted, personalised light boxes that are tailor-made to suit your taste and style. 

If you have a flair for interior decorating, this functional accessory is a must have.  It adds a personal, yet fancy touch to the bedroom whilst also being energy-efficient and sturdy. 

My two boys LOVE their lights, and I can happily report that they are still going strong two years on.  This says a lot about the quality of MyLight products as my boys are somewhat heavy handed and shall we say "boisterous" in their bedroom play! 

MyLight Mama Pyjama

So here's how the MyLight ordering process works - it is SO simple.  You pop online and use their online design studio to design your very own light, exactly how you'd like it to look.  You can choose from a range of colours, fonts and images, and also have the choice of light types.  You can choose to have the standard warm light colour or the RGB light (which is what my two boys have). The RGB light can be set to any of 15 available colour shades and comes with a remote control that allows you to select strobe, pulse and fade effects.  It is a super cool effect and the boys love it.  As do know how much I love colour right?

And psst...Mylight also offers a range of bar lights so you can always spoil yourself or your partner with a unique and personal gift! You're really only limited by your imagination. 

As I said, I've TWO vouchers from MyLight to give away, each valued at at very cool $129.95!  Pop over to the WIN STUFF page to find out how to enter!

MyLight Mama Pyjama
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Makers Mailer - Surprise Gifts Delivered Monthly!

Makers Mailer Mama Pyjama

As a child I remember being envious of my mum who was ALWAYS getting mail.  No matter how many times she tried to explain to me that it wasn't "good mail"; I was never convinced.  Opening up the letterbox, taking a peek inside, and then seeing an envelope or parcel with MY name on it was one of childhood's greatest treasures.  Now I'm an adult.  Now I get it.  Most mail is not "good mail".  Most mail makes my stomach turn.  And as is always the way, it is now my turn to try and convince my kids that they are not missing out every time I pull a giant bill from the magic box at the bottom of our driveway.

SO...this brings me to Makers Mailer ;)  Allow yourself to imagine, just for a moment, what it would be like to open that mailbox and see a little surprise gift in there each month.  Not something you "need", or something you bought on ebay because it was cheap.  Not a final notice.  Not some political propaganda.  A SURPRISE GIFT JUST FOR YOU! 

Makers Mailer Mama Pyjama

Sounds like a crazy cool idea right?  Right.  It was Joanne Tighe's crazy cool idea.  Joanne is the Creative Director of Makers Mailer.  She's passionate about supporting independent Australian designers, artists and makers, and loves promoting them to a wider audience through The Makers Mailer monthly subscription boxes.  

Here's how it works.  Each month, Joanne sources an amazing, handcrafted product by an Australian designer, artist or maker, and delivers it to the mailbox of Makers Mailer subscribers.  Subscribers have no idea what will be coming each month, other than it will be something unique and beautiful from an Australian independent artist or maker. 

There are a range of subscription options, starting at just $33 per month.  Your subscription is your way of supporting independent Australian businesses as well as giving yourself a well deserved treat once a month for less than you'd spend on coffee each week!

This month I got to receive one of their special boxes in the mail, and it was just as exciting as I imagined it would be.  There is something really magical about not knowing what's inside.  Most birthdays and Christmases nowadays involve gifts that I have actually requested, and though still lovely...they miss the anticipation and excitement that comes with trying to guess what's lies beneath the wrapping!  I opened my box with a smile of my face and fumbling hands :).  Inside I found six adorably nostalgic wine glass charms, crafted by Domum Vindemia.  Melbourne based creator Deborah Davey makes beautiful decor for the vintage inspired home or celebration.  These wine charms, containing text from Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, are gorgeous.  As soon as I saw them I thought of one of my best friends who I know would just love these for her next dinner party!

Makers Mailer Mama Pyjama
Makers Mailer Mama Pyjama

Now, I'm off to go road test these little gems ;). You can check out past boxes and subscribe to Makers Mailer here.  AND...if you'd like a chance to win next month's box, head over to the WIN STUFF page!


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HappyCalc by FunComet - Making Maths Fun!

HappyCalc Mama Pyjama

The boys were recently sent a HappyCalc Elementary Maths Puzzle by FunComet, and they were pretty excited to try it out!

HappyCalc is an innovative puzzle game that taps into the creative imagination of our little ones, whilst exercising their spatial and mathematical skills.

Unlike regular puzzles, you are not limited to a single design.  This Space Themed puzzle set contains 138 pieces that combine to create a multitude of rocket ships and space stations.

The puzzle is also very makes maths fun. Imagine that! :)  Puzzle pieces can be combined to create space centres using mathematical equations.  As you can see here, the numbers on the left combine (or add up) to make the number on the right.

HappyCalc Mama Pyjama
HappyCalc Mama Pyjama

My boys are in kindy and year one, and both were actively engaged in the puzzle play.  This is what makes it such a clever product.  The game can be adapted to suit your child as they grow and progress through their learning phases.

Both boys were very content simply designing space stations and rocket ships, and spent a significant amount of time (without arguing at all!) firmly concentrating on this task.  It was really enjoyable to watch their creative process. 

HappyCalc Mama Pyjama

My eldest then moved to making the maths based layouts and was so engrossed that I literally had to pry him away from it at dinner time.  My little guy moved from making spaceships to using the puzzle pieces to count from one to ten.  He did this completely unassisted and unprompted.  I simply turned to see he'd laid them all out in a line with pieces joined from one to ten.  I was pretty impressed.  This is a great example of how learning through play is so effective and so important. 

I think the HappyCalc puzzle would be a great addition to any classroom or family games room and recommend that you all check it out.  You can read more about it and purchase it here.

I've also, as usual, got one to give away to a lucky reader! Just head over to the WIN STUFF page to enter.


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Stonemen Undies - All Funk No Frills!

When it comes to undies - I'm your 'basics' kinda girl.  Sure, I love the idea of matching bras and knickers and I feel all kinds of sexy when I'm wearing one of the two matching sets that I have in my undie drawer!  BUT, when push comes to shove I've always chosen comfort and practicality over style. 

Not anymore guys - NOT ANYMORE!! 

Check out the Stonemen collection!  It's a modern merge of comfort and style with an artistic twist!  Each pair is printed with a 360 degree image designed by artists and photographers, and then handcut and made to fit you perfectly.

Stonemen create unique underwear for both men and women in a range of modern cuts and designs.  Men can find boxer brief, brief and trunk styles and women, cheeky brief and brief styles as well as bralettes.  The awesome crew at Stonemen sent me each of their women's styles so that I could try them for myself, and I have to say - I'm in love! 

Stonemen Mama Pyjama

I've always been a bit of a tomboy at heart.  My first bike was a stunt BMX, my favourite past time was climbing trees, and now as an adult I certainly love getting out with the boys and having a kick of the footy.  BUT, I also love dressing up; I love my frocks, I'm a self-confessed selfie addict, and I love to feel like I have a little cheeky sex appeal!  So, as you can see - Stonemen and I are like a match made in heaven.  Hip, cool, funky and fresh - no frills, but plenty of thrills!  Replacing lace and diamantes with artistic flair, these undies and I are the perfect pair. ;)  See what happens when you're inspired by a product?  You start writing poetry without even realising it!

On a serious note, they fit great and they are comfortable as all get out (no digging in in unsightly places).  The sizes are generous - my ones are an 8-10 and they fit very well (I'm usually a size 10, and a 10B bra).  The bralette is super comfy and looks cute, but if you're looking for a pushup, it's not your girl. It's more your t-shirt bra kind of style.  The cheeky briefs are aptly named, and the briefs are what I'd call a 'boy-leg'.  All in all, the range is super funky and it's comfortable and supportive at the same time.  You won't be ripping this bralette off the moment you get home - in fact, I reckon you might even forget you are wearing it!

Check out the full range of men's and women's Stonemen underwear (you'll love all the artistic designs they have available), and if you'd like to be in the running to win yourself your very own underwear set head over to the WIN STUFF page now!



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Scentcillo - Scents to match your style and mood!

Scentcillo Mama Pyjama

As you know, I'm currently studying vibrational medicine and believe very strongly in the use of colour, sound and scent to balance the body's energy system and achieve optimal levels of both mental and physical health.  I've been using essential oils for what feels like forever - to heal, energise and raise the vibration levels of myself and my family.  My oil burner is on 24/7 and I've certainly been known to pop a couple of drops of Frankincense into the burner when the energy levels in the house are low!

So when I was offered the chance to try Scentcillo's essential oil blends I admit to being more than a little excited!  Scentcillo introduced me to the concept of "Scent Styling" - matching fragrances to the mood or ambience of the space you are scenting.  I love this concept, and have tried out all five of their blends in my home over the last few weeks:

Scentcillo Mama Pyjama
  • Tango - Romantic and Sensual
  • Starlet - Feminine and Enticing
  • Greek Island - Timeless and Tranquil
  • Oracle - Mystical and Meditative
  • Shaman - Uplifting and Dynamic

You can find out all the details of each oil over on the Scentcillo webpage, including the types of rooms/spaces that each blend works best in on their Scent Styling page. 

I used the essential blends without doing any prior reading so that I could see how well I could match the blends to the living space that we have created in our home.  (I'm weird like that, I get a little kick out of testing myself. It's an 'achiever' thing) ;).  I smiled to myself when I read the type of space that Oracle works best in, as I was confident that it was the blend that best complimented our home. 

Scentcillo Mama Pyjama

"Oracle:  A warming, enveloping blend for cold, crisp weather or to make large areas appear smaller and cozy.  Complements a space with a global eclectic or modern bohemian look."  Yep, that's pretty much our living space in a nutshell!

Scentcillo Mama Pyjama

The blend that really resonates with me on a mental/emotion level is Shaman - "For an uplifting, welcoming atmosphere the sharp citrus and sweet wood notes makes your place brighter and energetic. Assists in getting settled and focused when working or studying."   I don't think I could have picked a better essential oil blend for myself at this particular point in time!  Suffice to say, I've been popping a half dozen drops in the oil burner each morning to kick start my day!

I confess to being in love with the Scentcillo range and urge you to check it out for yourself.  I am also super excited that I get the chance to share their entire oil blend range (worth $105) with one lucky MPJ reader!  Just head on over to the Win Stuff page to enter.

Happy scenting!


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Globber Scooters - Sleek, Sturdy and SILENT!

Globber Scooter Mama Pyjama Review

When the good folk at Globber Scooters asked if my boys would like to road test their MyFREE UP and MyTOO Fix Up scooters, we jumped at the chance.  Anyone that has been following along for a while would know how much my kids love the skate park; and what a crazy little stuntman my 6 year old boy is!

I confess to having fallen into the trap of buying ridiculously low price scooters from the big retail giants, only to find myself replacing them a few months down the track due to missing wheel nuts, broken axles and busted steering.  When my kids ride, they RIDE.  Crashing, banging, jumping, spinning - they function at a hundred miles an hour and play with the gusto of a child at Christmas time - every single day.  These are the kids you WANT to test the durability of your products!

The Globber Scooters didn't disappoint.  They are sleek looking, sturdy and to my pleasant surprise EXTREMELY quiet!  No more da-doong da-doong da-doong of the scooter as the kids ride laps around the house! 

Master Four is riding the MyFREE UP 3-wheeler and his is LOVING it.  In his words:

"It is the best scooter in the world and thank you for making a blue one because I really love blue. And thank you for putting two wheels on the front and one on the back because that's what I wanted so that I could ride it faster.  It is really easy to ride and I like how it is quiet. My favourite thing about the scooter is that it is blue...and fast."

Globber Scooters Mama Pyjama

Here are some quick specs, for more details visit the Globber site. 

Master Six is riding the MyTOO Fix Up 2-wheeler and in his words:

"It's a-MAZING! I really love it because it is really quiet and cool. And I like it because it is really fast and it's better than my other scooter because it is easier to go down the tongues on the skate ramps. It is easy to turn and to do jumps with, and I really like the see-through wheels."

Globber Scooter Mama Pyjama

Here are some quick specs.  For more details visit the Globber site.

Suffice to say, the scooters have been heavily road-tested, and they pass with flying colours.  Unlike other brands I've bought, I have full faith that these scooters will last the distance and be around long enough to grow with my children (as they are designed to do).  Both boys are on the lowest height setting of the three available, so there's plenty of room to grow.  And with the 2-wheeler being load-rated to 100kg I even took it for a spin!  What a fast, smooth ride!  I might just have to buy one myself so that I can keep up with the boys!  What's that saying?  "Life is a beautiful adventure - enjoy the ride" - I was sure enjoying the wind in my hair and the youthful smile on my face for those few minutes! ;)  

AND GUESS WHAT?  I've got one to give away to a lucky reader!!  Enter via the WIN STUFF page :)

Globber Scooters Mama Pyjama
Globber Scooters Mama Pyjama
Globber Scooters Mama Pyjama
Globber Scooters Mama Pyjama
Globber Scooters Mama Pyjama
Globber Scooters Mama Pyjama
Globber Scooters Mama Pyjama
Globber Scooters Mama Pyjama

You can find all the info you need and order your own Globber Scooter on their website. 

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Straight No Chaser - Exactly How I Like It!

HANDS UP IF YOU COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT MUSIC?  Leave me on a deserted island with the option of three things: matches, music or food .... and I'd choose music Every.Single.Time.  If you're like me, then feast your music hungry little eyes, ears and heart on these guys - Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser


Straight No Chaser are a male a cappella group with a twist.  Forget the barber shop, these guys are modern and fun and have successfully taken on some of the biggest hits over the last two decades they've been together.  Whilst it's abundantly clear that they take their music very seriously, they certainly know how to laugh at themselves!  This adds a whole other dimension to their music - serious talent and incredible raw music; laced with humour and light.  This is what the world needs more of!  It's such a refreshing sound amidst all the overly synthesized music on the radio these days.

I've been busy watching their videos on YouTube and I'm absolutely captivated.  It's super hard to choose which ones to share with you because they are all so brilliant so make sure you check out their official channel yourself.  In the meantime, here are a few tasters:

This one had me in stitches - so much awesome in one clip:

One of my favourite songs of all time is Over the Rainbow.  Nailed it!

Ahhh "Creep" you old friend - probably my number one 'put it on repeat and listen all night' teen angst songs.

Watch them take on this huge hit!

And to finish...let's end with this absolute classic.

Straight No Chaser present The New Old Fashioned Tour 2016 in Australia this July, and I couldn't be more excited to be going!  SO...who'd like to join me?!  I have TWO TICKETS to give away to an Australian concert of the winner's choice.  Pop over to the WIN STUFF page to enter!


Straight No Chaser
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"It's Safe to be Glamorous" with Glam Affair Mineral Makeup

Glam Affair Mama Pyjama Review

I don't know about you, but when I look good on the outside I actually feel better on the inside.  I truly do believe that the number one task on any 'how to beat the blues' list should be to get up, get showered and get dressed. 

Back when I was in the absolute depths of "Mama Pyjama Syndrome", I spent my days wearing pyjamas with my hair in a top knot looking like I hadn't showered in weeks. I'd given up caring about my appearance, and I truly believe that is something that heavily impacted on my emotional state. 

Glam Affair Mama Pyjama Review

I remember talking to a friend about it all, and her telling me that the one thing she forced herself to do every day as a stay-at-home mum was to get up, get dressed, and do her hair and makeup.  Even if she was just sitting around home for the day.  Why?  Well because it made her feel better about herself.  It's all about self care and self love - which then of course becomes self worth.  It's very good advice, and certainly some that I am going to continue to remind myself every morning now that I am no longer working. 

So what a perfect time to review the Australian Mineral Makeup products from Glam Affair!  Their range is 100% free from nasties and contains the highest quality Australian minerals so it's safe to use on all skin types. 

I'm a big fan of the 'natural look' so I am loving how light weight the makeup is.  It's not heavy on your skin like other brands; it's breathable and gives your skin a beautiful, light glow.

However, the great thing is, if you do want to go for a more glamorous look you can easily build it up to make it really pop.  A little bit goes a really long way, and despite using mine every day the jar still looks like it's never been used!  I've found it to be really long lasting, and able to hold up even after a workout or on these hot summer days we've been having.

Glam Affair Mama Pyjama Review
Glam Affair Mama Pyjama Review

I'd highly recommend the Glam Affair products, and encourage you to check out their full range.  They also hold a variety of makeup workshops across Australia that are great for busy mums of all ages who want to learn how to create an easy, quick go-to look for work, event makeup, or every day.  In fact, I have five vouchers to give away to a Glam Affair 3 hour makeup tutorial in either Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Gold Coast.  If you'd like to win one head over to the Win Stuff page and comment on the Glam Affair post!


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Quirky Happy - Art that'll make you Smile Every.Single.Day

Quirky Happy

Meet Lisa Frances Judd: artist, mother, wife, and Director of Quirky Happy.  Lisa's world was turned completely upside down in 2011 when her only Son was diagnosed with Brain Cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme stage 4). The only thing that kept her remotely together was to paint her pain away with colour and joy.  Lisa's story is living proof that our internal light can survive even our darkest moments. 

Lisa now shares her beautiful art with all the world...and her mission?  Well that's two-fold.  To raise money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation; and to support a positive mental and emotional state in today’s negative, chaotic and changeable world through the use bright colours and positive words on unique art products that can be worn and enjoyed in everyday life. 

Based in the beautiful Blue Mountains, west of Sydney Australia, the Quirky Happy range includes handmade ‘Wearable Art’ wood set Pendant Necklaces, Plush Velvet Cushion Covers, beautiful Wall Art, gorgeous Drink Coasters and unique Greeting Cards.

Lisa very kindly sent me a selection of her amazing collection...I'm pretty sure she's a soul sister! Our love of colour and our passion and belief of its healing properties resulted in an instant soul connection.

The Quirky Happy products are truly even lovelier in real life.  Sometimes beauty can be really difficult to capture on 2D film!  Their cushions are ridiculously plush and have that awesome comforting feel of soft velvet.  You'll want to cuddle them for hours.  Side note, is it just me or do you do that thing too where you sit on the couch and automatically grab a cushion to pop on your lap (particularly if you're in someone else's house)?  It's a self-conscious thing I'm sure, like covering up your tummy rolls or something? Anyway, this is the cushion you want to do that with - because it looks awesome and it just feels really damn nice under your hands! 

Lisa sent me one of their super funky Kombi Cushions.  Right up my alley huh!

Lisa also hooked me up with the most awesome of awesome Kombi Drink Coasters from her metal drink coaster range that feature a variety of her hand painted designs.  Not only do they match my cushion, but they've also provided the perfect best pal for my absolute favourite mug!  Check it out - don't they just look so darn happy together?!

And last...but certainly not least, I am now the very happy owner of an incredibly unique 'Wearable Art' Pendant necklace handmade by Lisa.  I was very pleasantly surprised when this one arrived in the mail.  It is bigger than I expected, and is also set under a crystal clear glass dome which I hadn't realised from the photos online.  It is beautiful.  My design is super fun, and I think really reflects my personality.  It has a beautiful little reminder, "Remember to..." which I just love.  You know how I feel about the power of positive words and phrases right!?  Here it is:

I'm absolutely touched and inspired by both Lisa's story, and her art.  It never ceases to amaze me what the power of hope, positivity and passion can create.  Lisa, you're amazing.  Your products resonate with beauty and love, and it is clear that you put a little piece of your heart into each and every piece.  I have no doubt that your art is changing lives on a daily basis and I thank you for letting me share your journey.

Quirky Happy raises money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. It's obviously very personal. They donate 10% of every sale of their Angel Heart Wearable Art Pendants & Angel Heart Plush Cushion Covers to help this cause. Too many children and young adults die from brain cancer each year and the suffering is immense.

 To find out more about Australia's Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, click HERE.

You can check out the entire Quirky Happy range here, and find them on Facebook.  They also offer free postage Australia wide for anyone who simply Subscribes to their quarterly Newsletter.  You'll find the perfect gift for Christmas here.

As always, my wonderful sponsors have looked after MPJ readers also with an awesome giveaway worth RRP$119!  If you'd like a chance to win some Quirky Happy Products, head over to the Win Stuff page! Here's what you could win!

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Dreambaby® - Peace of Mind with a Splash of Fun

Mama Pyjama Dreambaby

When Dreambaby® offered to send me some products to review, I pictured safety locks and door knob covers and thought my kids were too old for me to effectively review their products.  Turns out I was wrong!  Dreambaby® offer many, many more products in their range that suit the needs of infants through to little children just like my four and six year olds!  Their range includes safety gates; room decor; lighting; on the go, health and hygiene, and home safety products.

We've had a great time trying out some products from both their home safety and lighting ranges.

The boys number one favourite is the Peli's Bathtub Play Pouch.  It hooks easily over the edge of the bath, and has a big, fun pelican bill that opens up wide for the kids to fill its netting pouch with toys.  It's a great way to encourage the kids to tidy up at the end of their bath time play!  It is a little on the large size, but it can be faced either way so you can turn the beak outside of the bath until you are ready to pack up if space is an issue.

We also received Dreambaby®'s Anti-Slip Bath Mat.  It has suction cups on the bottom which hold it in place remarkably well and whilst we've outgrown the need for it, the mat also has a heat sensitive colour changing starfish to let you know when the water temperature is too hot for your little one.  The mat is super colourful and fun, and the boys report that it's comfy to sit on too.  They are forever standing up in the bath and doing mad tricks that send me grey, so this anti-slip surface is a welcome addition for me too!

Also for bathtime - the Bath Tub Spout Cover.  This cover slides easily over the tap and is designed to prevent both bumps and burns.  Whilst I've always been vigilant with ensuring I run cold water through the tap before shutting it off, I have had my fair share of bumped heads and backs on the faucet!  This is a great idea to add a little cushioning in case of over zealous bathtub play.

Dreambaby Mama Pyjama

Lastly we received the Lady Bug Night Light.  Like most kids, my boys don't particularly like the dark.  Add to this the fact that we've moved house and our bedroom, once directly opposite theirs, is now a small trek away.  We've been sleeping with the hallway light on as our youngest makes his way to our room pretty much every night.  I'm happy to report that we've set up the little Lady Bug in the hallway so that he can switch it on (just by a simple touch to its back) so that he can make his way to our bedroom in the soft light.  It remains on for 30 mins and then automatically shuts off.  I'm a terrible sleeper at the best of times, so being able to actually turn the hallway light off at night has been wonderful.  Small things!!

We've had a great time checking out the Dreambaby® range and would like to share ALL of these products IN ADDITION TO a brand new Dreambaby® Liberty Tall Security Gate valued at $94.95.

We had safety gates all over the place when our boys were young, particularly with my eldest who was a born escape artist!  This gate is taller than average, which gets big ticks if you've got a climber, and has the following features:

  • Gate stays open in both directions;
  • Conveniently swings and adjusts for quick and easy pass-through with a simple one-handed operation;
  • Gates are pressure-mounted, which means fuss free installation with no screws or drilling required - perfect for temporary or rental properties;
  • Fits openings from 75-84 cm (30-32.25 in) ;
  • Gate height 93cm (36.5”);
  • Extends up to 2.84 m(111 in) with optional gate extensions with optional gate extensions: 9cm (3.5”), 18cm (7.0”) & 27cm (10.5”) 36cm (14”), 45cm (17.5”), 54cm (21”), 63cm (24.5”), 100 (39”);
  • Suitable for doorways, hallways and other openings

If you'd like to win this prize pack, valued at almost $200, head over to the WIN STUFF page!

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See Your Name in Lights - with Mylight!

These beautiful (and functional) lights from Mylight are going to make a perfect Christmas gift for my boys!  Kids go crazy for anything with their name on it (actually, if I'm honest, I still get a little rush of excitement when I see something with Kellie with an 'ie' on it)!  I simply can't wait to see their little faces light up when they see them on Christmas morning.

In case you haven't heard of them, Mylight is Greg and Vanessa Vowles' family-owned and run small business.  Greg and Vanessa were inspired to create their own night-light after the birth of their first child, when they discovered a lack of attractive, quality-made lights on the market that also provided enough light to be functional during nightly feeding and changing times.

The end result?  A beautiful range of handcrafted, personalised light boxes that are tailor-made to suit your taste and style. 


If you have a flair for interior decorating, this functional accessory is a must have.  It adds a personal, yet fancy touch to the bedroom whilst also being energy-efficient and sturdy. 

You can design your own light via their online design studio which is very simple to use.  You can choose from a range of colours, fonts and images, and also have the choice of light types.  You can choose to have the standard warm light colour or the RGB light (which is featured here). The RGB light can be set to any colour and comes with a remote control that allows you to select strobe, pulse and fade effects.  The kids are going to love this feature.

Mylight also offers a range of bar lights - perfect gift for adults!  You're really only limited by your imagination.


I had to be a little stealth and set up the lights whilst the kids weren't looking...but don't they look awesome?  The lights are bigger than I expected, and the soft changing light is just an ace display of colour, so they really command your attention!  The photo just doesn't do it justice as it was a little tricky to capture the light colours and because the casing is so lovely and glossy, I kept getting photos of me in my pyjamas reflected back at me!

Here are a couple of pics with the light on (they can filter through 15 different shades):


I'm a little in love with these Mylight gifts and I'm super happy that I'm able to share a Mylight voucher for $129.95 with one of my lucky readers!!  All you need to do is visit the Win Stuff page and tell me what lights up your world!




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Smart Living Nutrition - Your 2pm Pickup without the Sugar Load

I've been told many many times that I have big teeth. So big in fact that I could eat an apple through a tennis racket.  So when I say I have a sweet tooth, you know I'm not talking about your average sweet tooth - I'm talking a sweet tooth of ginormous proportions.  Aside from the increase in wine intake of the last several months, my increase in chocolate could likely be blamed for the extra kilos I'm now carrying around my waist! 

So when I was given the opportunity to work with Smart Living Nutrition, I jumped at the chance to kickstart my journey back to a healthier, fitter me.  I have never been a fan of protein snacks...until now.  This range of snacks is seriously tasty, and really work to satisfy that mid-afternoon craving without the massive sugar load. 

We've tried the whole range, in fact I came home from work one night to find a bunch of empty packets leftover from the boys' enthusiastic taste testing!  I had to give all three of them a little talking to because they were dangerously close to eating my box of giveaways for you guys! ;)

My eldest son loves the Love Me-Low Carb Choc Caramel Bar, practically begging me to put one in his school lunchbox every day!  His words, "They're just sooo delicious Mummy.  I could eat the WHOLE box.....not really, can I have another one now please?!"

Smart Living Nutrition Mama Pyjama

My favourite?  The Nougat and Caramel Bites.  They are deliciously rich, chocolate coated balls of nougat and caramel that are surprisingly filling!  Perfect for a pick me up.

You'll find the Smart Living Nutrition range on shelves at Woolworths across the country.  You won't be able to miss them - the packaging is just so adorable, colourful and fun!  I highly recommend giving them a go, especially if you're stuck in the zombie mama phase; grabbing anything sugary you can get your hands on just to pep you up enough to get through another hour.  These will do that for you, but without all the carbs! :)

The kind folk at Smart Living Nutrition have also given me some extra products to give away to my readers.  If you'd like the chance to try them for free, head over to the Win Stuff page!


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Tee Junction - Personalised Shirts with a Difference!

When the awesome crew at Tee Junction offered to make me up my very own Mama Pyjama T-shirt, how could I resist?!  I've toyed with the idea ever since my new logo was created, but everywhere I've looked I've found poor quality material t-shirts that feel like they're choking you whilst simultaneously making you look like a prude!  When I popped online to check out the Tee Junction range, I was very pleasantly surprised!  They have a diverse selection of high quality tees.  Mine is a premium AS Colour t-shirt - it's got decent length, scoop neck and the sleeves are a great length (not too short, not to long)!  The t-shirt material itself is lovely and soft - certainly a bucketload better than those heavy, itchy shirts you often get with your fun-run packs! 

I couldn't decide between the black and the white, so Tee Junction kindly made me both :)  As you can see, the colour really pops on the black one (another great thing about Tee Junction, they use a full colour, high-quality print process), whilst the white one has more of a relaxed blended feel.

Tee Junction Mama Pyjama
Tee Junction Mama Pyjama
Tee Junction

I can't fault the service at Tee Junction.  Their turn around time was quick and their attention to detail and customer service gets a big thumbs up.  You can design your own custom shirts online via a very easy to use 3 step design studio.  

A custom t-shirt for your kids would be a perfect stocking filler - kids love anything with their name on it!  Or what about one for the Dad or Grandpa that's a little tricky to buy for?  You can print photos, logos, slogans, catch-phrases....anything you can think of really! 

Pop over to their website and check it out for yourself :)

AND if you'd like to WIN your very own Mama Pyjama tee, you can enter the giveaway over on the Win Stuff page!

Tee Junction

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Clear Snotty Noses from Every Angle!

Has the Spring season brought with it a bunch of snotty little noses?  I was recently contacted by the makers of Flo Baby or Kids Nasal Spray to try out their products, and I've got to say I'm impressed.  I remember very clearly trying to suction snot out of tiny infant nostrils with one of those crazy little bulb contraptions!  Wrestling with with their wiggly baby bodies, trying to get them into an upright position; all the while trying to carefully insert the nasal spray into their nostril without impaling them!  Oh yeah, fun times ;)

Posted on November 10, 2015 .