Pheonix  Rising by Kellie Turtu

I've learnt what can bring me to my knees. I've learnt what sets fire to my soul.  Friends have become strangers, and strangers, friends.  In the blink of the eye, a lot can change.

Change.   It swirls around us constantly. Sometimes a whirlwind; sometimes a rip tide hiding beneath the surface; sometimes a gentle autumn breeze gently lifting the leaves at our feet.'s's beautiful...but it can be brutal.  

In the midst of change we seek consistency.  Something that'll keep us anchored as we weather the storm around us.  Sometimes we cling tight to the edge of the very walls that are breaking down around us.  Other times, we bunker down and immerse ourselves in memories; imagination; what ifs.  And then there are the times when we throw all our wellbeing and happiness into the hands of other people or other things.  "If I just have this, then I can be happy"...

And no matter what you do and how you react - the world keeps turning, with or without you on board.  Life proceeds.  Sometimes you're dropped to your knees, frozen and broken. Stuck in the centre of your every day world whilst people, places and moments swirl around you; a blur of normality.  Sometimes the glass shards of unshed tears masquerade as glittery sparkles in your eyes, as you soldier on in silence. Other times, change brings relief, excitement, passion, energy - and you run full force with the beat of your own heart keeping a steady, solid pace beneath your feet.  

Be grateful for those who journey alongside you; whose waves of change rise and fall in time with yours. Understand the importance of those who provide a consistent port for you to call home. Without them life would be lonely, our experiences less rich, and the tough times - well they'd be a whole lot tougher.  I absolutely believe that the secret to knowing ourselves, and the fundamental purpose of life, is found in the relationships and connections we build with others. By all means build bigger tables, open your doors - and in every opportunity that presents itself, give love. 

But if I've learnt anything through the process of change, it is that YOU are your one constant.  Everyone and everything is an infinite state of change.   With every breath you take, you yourself are changing.  But from your first until your last, there has been one constant.  You - the ever growing, ever changing pilgrim on a journey that no other soul has ever taken or ever will.  So nurture this relationship as much as you nurture those you have with others.  Invest in yourself.  Trust that you have everything you could ever need already inside you. And remember that we are ALL pilgrims, and whilst our journeys may intertwine, we each must take responsibility for our own happiness.

Posted on August 6, 2017 .