Jess Crawford - Filling Our Lives with Wonder and Colour!

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Meet Jess Crawford – mixed media artist from a small country town in South Australia.   Here she shares how a Christmas gift in 2013 changed her life forever, and how she's working every day to fill the world with wonder and colour, one drop of paint at a time.

Jess! It's great to meet you.  Just reading your stories online, it seems like we have a lot in common!

Jess Crawford Art

Yes, it does! Like you, I also live in a small country town with my husband and two beautiful (but very busy) boys.  I can relate to the Mama Pyjama story too.  As all others mothers know, when children come into the world everything changes and the priority is keeping them safe, happy and healthy. A lot of us forget that we need to give ourselves those very same things. We give to everyone else in our lives and forget to give something back to ourselves.

So was there a particular moment that made you realise that you needed to start giving something back to yourself?

Yes, in 2013 I was given the BEST Christmas present ever - a year of painting tutorials with the amazing Tam Laporte in her Lifebook 2014 class. The class was so good for me in many ways but the main positive that came out of it was the pure happiness and delight that I found when I was creating mixed media art. Also it was something just for me, not for anyone else and it gave me time to put some fuel back in my own tank.

So when did painting go from hobby to your life's passion?

©Jess Crawford Art

After a year of painting, being fearless and being brave I knew that making art was going to be a permanent fixture in my life. I also had encouraging feedback about my art from my friends and family who suggested I start selling it.

So Jess Crawford Art was born. I started on etsy and then moved to my own website so I could document my journey as I went.  I post blogs when I can between, making, attending markets, and being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

How would you describe your art?

My art is filled with brightness colours and inspiring imagery. Most of all I love painting girls where the possibilities are endless. My ideal clients are mothers of girls (or the girls themselves, or the mothers themselves!) who want reminders in their life that they are special and loved.

Thanks Jess.  I think your art has a beautiful playful feel.  It's so full of wonder, imagination and possibilities.  Thanks for sharing your story, and I wish you every success and happiness as you continue on your journey!

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©Jess Crawford Art

©Jess Crawford Art

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