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The Evolution of Mama Pyjama

Hi, I'm Kellie - dream chaser, music enthusiast, project manager, wife, and mother of two spirited little boys.  

I spent my early years traveling Europe with my parents, returning to rest in my city of birth (Perth, Australia) when I was six years old.  Following my parents' divorce, I spent my teenage years amongst a blended family of 8 in the beautiful treed hills of Roleystone.  Here I made lifelong friends and cultivated a love for the arts, particularly music and writing. 

Like everyone else, my life is scattered with memories of people and dreams - some good, some broken.  I've always been driven by my heart, which has often landed me in trouble, but is ultimately the reason I am where I am today. 

I met my husband in my early 20s, and married him just after my 28th birthday (right in line with my Saturn Return!).  Since then we have brought two beautiful little boys into the world whom I love beyond any expressible measure.

Somewhere along the journey of becoming wife and mother, I lost my sense of 'self'.

I morphed into Mama Pyjama.

A somewhat robotic shell of my former self.  Stuck in a perpetual state of sleep chasing.  Living each day just to get through to the next nap time.  Losing care for my appearance (my wardrobe contained maternity wear for far longer than it was required!), forgetting my passions and putting myself last at every given opportunity. 

I received a wake up call in the form of a complete stranger looking me square in the eyes and telling me that I was "BORING".  Never before in my life had I ever been referred to as boring, and never did I want to be again! 

I put this website together in the hopes of helping others suffering from Mama Pyjama Syndrome, by offering them the tools and motivation to pull themselves out of the rut and get back their groove! 

You are never alone in your experiences and I am dedicated to being honest about my mine.

Thank you for visiting my site, I wish you a wonderful journey through life and hope that you allow yourself to shine along the way!  xo


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